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Fan of the original Beyblade, V-Force, G-Revolution, Metal Fusion, Metal Masters, Metal Fury, Shogun Steel, or even BeyWheelz? Ever want to take part in the action? Come show your Beyblade OC off here!

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From my time at Deviantart, I have found many wonderful Beyblade OCs, who I feel deserve more appreciation. From past friends and current, I've learned that Beyblade can truly hold a special place in one's heart, whether it be the original Beyblade that ended back in 2005, or from the current and future ones, such as Shogun Steel and Metal Fury. As of late, I've been gathering OCs into a group in hopes of reviving fan love for the Beyblade series, and my hopes are to bring old fans and new together in one place: The Beyblade OC Wiki!

Here, we'd love to hear all about your Beyblade OC, and we'd love for you to be able to share them with others! You worked hard on them - now it's time for you to show them off for all to see! I, as well as various others, love discovering new Beyblade OCs, and if you have a character who you would like to "officialize," here's a site where you can have a page that's dedicated solely to your precious character!

Get ready to make your character come to life in the world of Beyblade!

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