Anna (Kotaru) Hagane (愛那鋼, Anna Hagane is a fictional character in the Metal Saga ,as Gingka Hagane's adoptive sister, created by Annaisha-chan (better known as Roxette604 ) on Deviantart. She's a proud member of Gan Gan Galaxy as a participant of the World Star Dance Off. During the Beyblade: Metal Masters series, she develops feelings for Masamune Kadoya


Anna was born in a village called "the Sakura village" , close by to Koma village.

Anna had her father and her sister Anya with her. Sadly, at the age of 5, Hades, God of the Underworld destroyed it, leaving Anna as the last survivor. As he was following her through the forest, Ryo quickly saved Anna by launching Storm Pegasus at it. Gingka helped Anna, who was scared until she got paralyzed, out of the forest followed by Ryo who defeated him temporarily. Ryo took care of Anna like she was his daughter. When she got fully healed, she explained what happened, how she never met her mother, that her father and sister were killed. It was very hard for a 5 year old child to live without its parents... Luckily the Haganes took her in, considering her as their beloved daughter and sister. At the age of 10, she had to move to Japan because her (deceased) father's business job permanently told her to leave and as hard as it seemed..... She accepted. At the airport, preparing to leave Gingka told her "When things get hard, pull up your socks and run through it!". Repeating that sentence made her confidence grow. As the years past through, she learned to use her Star Gem given by her mother at her birth. She lived at a small apartment under the authority of the Ministry Of Defense who helped her learn to control her powers. When Gingka came into town, she was overjoyed and stayed by his side everyday and followed him everywhere. Later on in the series, after Ryo made his appearance and works as the director of WBBA, she had a room in HQ as well as Gingka.

In Beyblade: Shogun Steel, she works with the Ministry of Defense as well as the military.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Anna Kotaru

Anna in Metal Fusion/Masters

Anna has dark red long hair, golden-brown eyes and measures 1m58 (5'1). She used to wear a purple crop top with a small cut between her breasts with a black line following the shape, long sleeved light pink undergarment with flower-shaped holes on the upper arm, a big dark purple cloth hiding her thighs and held up by a small blue diamond clip, black short tights and long purple and black boots. She used to possess a special gem called Star Gem which was given to her at birth, but she destroyed during her battle with Kimiko Nakamura.

She now has a scar on her right cheek, chest and multiple ones on her back. She wears a long sleeveless purple dress with an upside down V cut in the center with a golden line following the shape, a golden V-shaped pattern on the top of her chest, a brown waist belt, a purple skirt under the dress (of some sort) and purple hex colored boots with a white collar.


Anna is nice and calm person and she will do whatever it takes to do her duty as a hero and protect her friends as well as save the world from danger. She's parallel to her adoptive brother Gingka. She's very caring, fun and never gives up in hope. She's also brave, mature, quite talkative and always supports her friends. She may not be a blader but she cheers on for her friends in battle. Whenever she feels down, she always goes to talk to Gingka as he always listens to her and comforts. She never hesitates to help and show love to those who need the most and it is one of her favorite things to do in a daily basis. She ignores the haters but their lives matters to her just like the rest of the population.

Aside from those, she's too determined and takes things very seriously. She always goes out on patrols, leaving her with less hours to sleep and rest. Her friends and family are worried of her state but she shrugs it off. Luckily though, sometimes Ryo or Gingka forces her to take the day off which she accepts. She places others' safety above hers and she's willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of the world.

She has a big fear of losing her humanity, she was raised by humans and so she fears to lose it. She sometimes becomes distant when she feels her powers are out of control and isolates herself far away from the city to recover. Anna feels bad for making others worry for her but she has no other choice. She's constantly anxious about people's health and wellness as well as her control over her powers that sh can get pretty paranoid. Her tendency to be over protective of Gingka can cause a few arguments but she eventually snaps out of it and leaves him be.

Nevertheless, she's a strong girl who believes on making the world a better place and helping those in need. She manages to keep herself calm in difficult situations and to get better control over herself by meditating and participating in yoga classes.


Anna had no idea about her past until Dynamis revealed it all to her in Beyblade: Metal Fury. She is the daughter of Mother Earth, Gaia. The Sakura Village in which she was born in was actually a village full of Gods and Demigods. However, Hades destroyed it in a young age, resulting her being the only survivor of her species. She lives with he uncle and adoptive father Ryo Hagane along with her cousin and adoptive brother Gingka. Eventually, Ryo legally adopts Anna to be his daughter and so she officially carries 'Hagane' as her last name. She goes into a relationship with Masamune later on in the series.


Gingka HaganeEdit

Anna and Gingka both hold a close and loving bond together, they're inseparable. Anna cares deeply for him as well as him for her; they both stay by each other's side and help each other out when needed. Anna loves him too much to lose him so she watches over him often while respecting his privacy. Though sometimes she can get overboard which makes Gingka unhappy. Nevertheless, they can both share immature and goofy moments together which they enjoy very much. Anna supports him with all her might when he battles; and when resulting as a win, she tackles him down with a bear hug. He means everything to her and vi versa.

Masamune KadoyaEdit

Anna first met Masamune when he came to town and challenged Gingka multiple times. She thought of him as 'cute' and 'funny' which she finds attractive. During the Beyblade World Championships, her feelings for him grew stronger, resulting her to want him as her boyfriend. She hung out with him a lot which boosted their friendship into a slightly more intimate one. When he lost against Nile, she stood by his side and supported him as she didn't like seeing him sad and blaming himself for not being strong enough. Anna helped him through his sad moments and cheered him up. When arrived in America, she battled against a powerful foe. She fought long and hard, until she barely managed to escape a deadly magic beam that Gingka and Masamune both blocked using their beyblade's special moves. Anna then crushed her magic gem, which created a big white force that fixed the damaged buildings as well as sending her enemy back to the Underworld. She went to the hospital and stayed there for a long while, until she fully recovered with only scars to remind her of the battle. Masamune visited her one day and confessed his feelings for her, she gladly returned his feelings with a delicate kiss.

Dashan WangEdit

China was once ruled by an evil lord who wanted power. Anna, who was 10 years old, was sent there to investigate and stop his evil doings for 2 months. There she met Dashan who brought her to the Beylin Temple and deepened her Kung Fu fighting skills. They bonded quickly and became very close to one another. She nicknamed him 'Dash' for his quick movements when playing beyblade. After 5 days, she knew she had to defeat the lord and so she did. Anna was saddened at the thought of not seeing Dashan for months or even years, but he reassured her, telling her that they will meet again soon. And do they did during the championships and she was beyond over-joyed. She refers to him as a 'hot mess' because of his muscular body build.

Chao XinEdit

During her time in China, she held a crush on Chao Xin, just like other girls. He who was amazed by her powers and looks, he asked her out and resulted in them being in a relationship. However after she realized that he never had real feelings for her, she broke up with him and held a grudge against him. After Masamune defeated him, she understood that he had finally evolved into a real man. At the airport, Chao Xin apologized to her and asked if they could start over as friends which she gladly accepted.


  • "I'll protect my friends 'till the better end!"
  • "I'm not an easy person to forget ya know~?"
  • "I know you're watching me, come out and show yourself!"
  • "I love you Gigi."
  • "You can do it guys!!"
  • "It's all about the blader's spirit, right Gigi?"
  • "You're not touching them you hear me?!"
  • "I'm a sucker for funny guys okay?!"
  • "He may be annoyingly talkative... But it's what makes him special and I like that."


  • Anna has a sweet tooth.
  • She loves foxes for their grace, smartness and color.
  • She loves to help people.
  • Dynamis refers to her as 'Terra' which is the roman mythology for 'Earth'
  • The Star Gem protected her from the God's attacks.
  • The Gods are jealous of her being the only Demigod left so they try to attack her but she manages to blow them off.
  • Anna can regenerate but it's a very slow process and it uses a lot of her power and energy as well as doing so to the others.
  • She sees different auras from anyone, showing various of their moods with the colors.
  • She likes to meditate to calm her senses.
  • She loves all kind of chocolate.
  • A perfect date for her would be a picnic under the stars.
  • She hates violence and doesn't tolerate a cold weather.

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